by Green Novice

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released March 8, 2014

Green Novice are:

Alvis Bernāns - vocal, electric and accoustic guitars
Zigmunds Čeksis - guitar
Vitālijs Piskunovs - base guitar
Valdis Metlāns - drums

Guest musicians
Marta Vaivode - vocal (4)
Latvīte Cirse - kokle (Baltic psaltery) (3, 5)
Uģis Vilcāns - bass guitar (1, 2, 5)

Recorded at studio „Reiga”

Engineered by Uģis Vilcāns ("Reiga")

Mixed and mastered by Gints Lundbergs

Produced by Alvis Bernāns

Artwork by Armīns Bernāns



all rights reserved


Green Novice Rīga, Latvia

Green Novice are four young lads coming from the land of woods and lakes, Latgale. They are playing traditional folk influenced metal and singing in the language of their forefathers.

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Track Name: Kuovis laukā \ In the Battlefield
Far from the western side
Over the meadows and fields
The wind casts a plague in a powerful voice

Through waving flags
And sounds of weapons
War rides upon his fiery steed

The earth and sky blend together
The sounds of war echo
Two walls of men face one another

On the horizon
Where the weapons glisten bright
In gruesome death go both allies and foes

Swords lie in heaps
Springs flow blood red
The sky weeps upon the soil

Cries of pain
In battle heroes fall
The red horseman sows the seeds of death

Laments and shouting fade away
Motionless bodies lie upon the ground
The black cloud stirs its dance of death over them

Clouds are weeping
Slowly over the field
The fog rises under the clouds

God, do not let us remain here
Where the men as oaks fall
Should I am the one to fall
Take me in your cradle
Track Name: Juotnīks \ Horseman
The day draws close to an end
It is time for sunset
A grim silence falls over the place
Only the birds of passage cry

Through the forests and over the fields
The night spreads out its cover
Over the black vault of the heaven
The sons of God ride

In the forests and within the swamps
Where beasts are crying loudly
Through the darkness and through the fog
The dark horseman rides his steed

Under his horse’s heavy footfall
The earth rumbles and stone breaks
Where the dark rider has been
Even the forest spring runs dry

Lies the village in a deep sleep
Young and old are asleep
The sword of the rider shines
His eyes glow in the darkness

Onward the rider rushes
Everything dies where his sword strikes
No one to stand in his way
Everyone run for your life
Track Name: Divi siermi kumeleni \ Two Grizzled Steeds
Two grizzled steeds
Ate oats from the stone

Steeds of the Sons of God
Courtiers of the daughters of the Sun

One had a saddle of the Sun
Another had a golden bridle

Next to the saddle, the sun rose
Next to the bridle, the moon

Upon the end of the bridle-rein
The golden star rolled
Track Name: Pārkiuņs vede vedekleņu \ Parkiuns Brought a Bride for His Son
Parkiuns* brought a bride for his son
From overseas to our land

Plaid for pine, plaid for spruce
A white woollen shawl for birch

For the large oak
The triple golden belt

For thin osiers
A piece of yarn for each

*Parkiuns – Thunder God
Track Name: Zyli malni padebeši \ Black Thunderclouds
Black Thunder clouds
On the western side flow
Foreigners approach on their horses
With raised swords in their hands

I climbed a hill
At the very top of the hill
I saw the village folk
Crying bitter tears

I saddled my grizzled steed
And took my sword
I took my sword
And went to protect my land

Far away across the river
The thunder rumbled
God rode upon a golden steed
Gathering up the souls
Track Name: Vylkataks \ Werewolf
Phantoms of fog vanish along the swamp side
It is time to allow this day to fade away
The late hour opens the way for darkness
Night pours stars over the earth

Dark shadows loom in the forest
Eyes glow as coal through the night
In every corner the wolves’ desolate howl
The dogs of God cry out for their brothers

Centuries-old guards gloomy stand
Covering the horizon with their hands of prongs
The forest conceals the pale face of the moon
So that the ritual is kept away from a stranger’s eyes

Countless men walk along the forest path
Coiling the fire line around the glade
The mighty figure hails everyone
Shouting ancient words

Your flesh shall cry out, your soul shall cry out
When you will feel the deadly cold in front of you
Your flesh shall cry out, your soul shall cry out
Listen how your forefathers’ voices call upon you

The cloak of the wolf shines in the fire
An axe of war at his side is revealed
The wise werewolf stands in the centre of the pack

With raised hands he completes his ritual
Announces what the signs are saying
What the pale moon has said to him

A grand day shall come
Soon they shall depart
Strangers will not be saved by the distance

Hostile lands will surround
Bodies will cover the land
The fame upon the victory shall be our gain